Antonio Simón only produces certified organic honey from Spain and Portugal, directly from the hives to the container, without any additional treatment or process

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Miel Antonio Simón is a family business of five generations of beekeepers from Guadalajara (Alcarria, 1897) and Madrid. Antonio Simón, Daniel Simón and Rubén Mancilla, continue with the inherited tradition. They collect, package and distribute the honey themselves.



The process of making Miel Antonio Simón is simple and scrupulous: we collect the honey from the hives, let it mature and filter. The bees are not artificially fed or treated and the honey is never pasteurized and does not contain any additives. The packaging of the product is always carried out within rigorous health measures “We always follow the traditional process.”

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Miel Antonio Simón is an example of sustained development. It was one of the first companies in Madrid to obtain the denomination of quality and ecological guarantee, this denomination is a symbol granted by the Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Community of Madrid only to those products that comply with European ecological regulations. Antonio Simón’s hives are located exclusively in areas of ecological interest, where there are no polluting elements.

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