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Bee pollen benefits

What is organic bee pollen?

Bee pollen is a substance formed by bees from the pollen of flowers in their environment, they collect it and, together with their gastric juices, form a ball that they transport between their legs.

The pollen collected by bees is nature’s most complete food.

A nutrition with pollen is the perfect complement to a healthy diet that facilitates a long life in optimal condition.

Pollen consumption does not make you fat.

If honey is the source of carbohydrates in the bees’ diet, pollen is their source of protein.

Polen de abeja

Screening and preparation of fresh Ecological Pollen Antonio Simón

Benefits of organic bee pollen

Organic bee pollen is considered a superfood to which multiple benefits are attributed:

  • Increases physical endurance and decreases fatigue
  • Facilitates recovery after convalescence or injury
  • Improves brain activity and intellectual capacity.
  • It helps regulate the nervous system and improves mood, reducing stress.
  • Improves the digestive system and combats lack of appetite; In addition, it helps and regenerates the intestinal flora.
  • Increases sexual potency and is effective against impotence and frigidity.
  • It regulates the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood and balances the blood pH.
  • Improves vision, thanks to its contribution of riboflavin.
  • Helps the development and growth of children.
  • Improves the circulatory and cardiovascular system.
  • It raises the defenses by stimulating the immune system.
  • It compensates hypotension progressively and naturally.
  • Combat, in the long term, allergic rhinitis.
  • It slows hair loss in certain cases, thanks to its cystine content, a nutrient that increases the hair system.

Composition of organic pollen

There are 22 essential amino acids (proteins) in nature and pollen is the only known food that contains all 22 essential amino acids.

Contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, water and ash.

In addition, the following microelements appear: titanium, nickel, vanadium, chromium, cobalt, chlorine, zirconium, beryl, boron, zinc, lead, silver, arsenic, burst, gallium, strontium, iodine, barium, uranium, silicon, aluminum, manganese, molybdenum, iron and copper. Tungsten, gold, iridium, palladium, and platinum have also been found in bee bread, which is the pasty pollen stored in honeycombs.

Almost all vitamins have been identified in pollen: Vitamin A, B, B, D, E, H, K, P, choline, folic acid and more.

Rich in carotene (vitamin A, retinol) and rutin (vitamin P, rutin) that promote the growth of capillaries, veins and arteries.

Apicultor con polen


Pollen is usually consumed in its natural state, or ideally mixed with dairy products and juices, in a proportion of 50-100% of its weight. The normal dose is about 20 g per day for adults and 7 g per day for children (a heaping tablespoon contains 8 g of pollen. A heaping tablespoon 24 g).

The most favorable time to take pollen seems to be in the morning, on an empty stomach, before breakfast.


  • Daily therapeutic dose = 32 g (4 heaped coffee spoons)
  • Maintenance dose = 20 g (2 level dessert spoons).

CHILDREN from 3 to 5 years old:

  • Daily therapeutic dose = 12 g (a little less than a heaped dessert spoon).

CHILDREN from 6 to 12 years old:

  • Daily therapeutic dose = 16 g (a little more than a level dessert spoon)

CHILDREN over 12 years old

  • Daily therapeutic dose = 20 g (2 level dessert spoons)

*In the case of children, the maintenance dose is not recommended

Where to buy Organic Pollen?

Polen Ecológico Fresco

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