Antonio Simón only produces certified organic honey from Spain and Portugal, directly from the hives to the container, without any additional treatment or process


Miel Antonio Simón is a commitment to nature and its care. The method of choosing the honey producing areas, the observation of the natural environment choosing protected spaces, radically excluding places where polluting elements occur within a radius of three kilometers and the special care towards their bees and hives is not only the result of an exquisite honey It also contributes to the maintenance and splendor of the place.

These conditions guarantee its ecological production and for this reason it has the official recognition of the most prestigious official entities, being the holder of the Spanish and European certificates that guarantee these qualities. When you consume a Miel Antonio Simón product, be absolutely sure that you are taking an ecological and natural product.

Product certified by the Organic Agriculture Committee of Madrid. It bears the European seal of ecological quality denomination.

logo CAEM

CAEM Certificate

Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Community of Madrid

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EU Organic Certificate

European Organic Production Regulations

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M Producto Certificado

Quality guarantee



Business Association of Food Industries of the Community of Madrid

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