Antonio Simón only produces certified organic honey from Spain and Portugal, directly from the hives to the container, without any additional treatment or process


Shipping & Returns

These general conditions of sale constitute a single contractual document and contain all the contractual relationships between the parties:


Honey Antonio Simón SL is the registered trademark of Antonio Simón Sopeña.

The published images do not imply any obligation attached to this contract. No liability of any kind will be incurred in the event of an error related to them. We have tried as far as possible to match reality, but it is possible that technical limitations due to computer technologies do not allow it in all cases.

Product Availability

Products are offered as long as they are available. If a product is not available, website users will be informed as soon as possible. Such information may:

a) be notified to users of the website at the time of placing their order: a window appears informing them that the desired product is temporarily unavailable and, where possible, the expected date of arrival. If they so wish, website users may continue with the purchase. When they arrive they will be notified.

b) communicate to website users after placing their order. If for any reason, beyond the control of the company, after the confirmation of your order it turns out that there is no availability, the user will be notified by email. Buyers may decide to cancel the order requesting a refund of the amounts paid within thirty (30) days following the corresponding charge, or to change the product(s) not available, by sending a request. Miel Antonio Simón SL, will not incur any liability if the products are sold out or are not available.

If the payment had already been made by credit/debit card, the seller will take the necessary measures to deduct the price of the unavailable product(s) from the amount charged to the buyer’s bank account. .

The products belong entirely to Miel Antonio Simón SL until it receives the total price thereof. Any irregularity that may arise subsequently, will generate the buyer’s obligation to return the products to Miel Antonio Simón SL with a simple request for them. The potential risks, especially the loss, theft, or deterioration related to the delivered products are borne by the buyer in its entirety.

Force Majeure

Neither party will be responsible for the total or partial breach of its obligations under this contract, if this breach is caused by an event constituting force majeure. Cases of force majeure will be considered those that meet the criteria established by the jurisprudence of the 2nd Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court. The Party that invokes a case constituting force majeure must notify the other Party of the same within five working days following the day on which said act occurred or on which the threat thereof was manifested. The Parties agree that they must agree as soon as possible to determine all the modalities of execution of the order when they are faced with a case of force majeure. After the period of one (1) month of interruption due to force majeure, the OAPLF may not respect the order and, if necessary, must return the amount thereof to the buyer.

Partial Nullity

If one or more of the provisions of these general conditions of sale were declared null or invalid by virtue of a law, a regulation or a final decision of a judicial body, the other provisions will continue to maintain full force and legal effects.

Payment Price

The prices of the products are indicated in Euros and include the VAT applicable on the day of the order. The price invoiced to the Buyer is the one indicated in the order confirmation transmitted by e-mail by Miel Antonio Simón SL. The shipping costs will be indicated in each purchase and will be paid by the customer.

Price Modifications

Miel Antonio Simón SL reserves the right, which the user accepts, to modify its prices at any time, but the products will be invoiced based on the rates in force at the time of “registration of the order”, although subject to availability. of said products. The current rate is the one indicated on the website, except for a typographical error. All payment will be made immediately by Internet or bank transfer. The user will enter the information requested in the secure banking platform. Said data will not be stored in any case in Miel Antonio Simón SL. The banking platform will inform Miel Antonio Simón SL of the validity of the purchase. Only in the event that the sale is fully confirmed Miel Antonio Simón SL will consider the purchase complete and send the merchandise. Miel Antonio Simón SL does not know the reasons that produce the refusal of the banking platform estuary.


Orders paid by credit card are prepared the same day or the next business day at the latest. The average delivery time of an order is 5 – 7 working days, counted from the day of receipt of the order. Some places may not be delivered due to shipping contraints. 

In any case, the orders are dispatched a maximum of thirty (30) days from the day following the validation of the order by the user. The products ordered by a customer will be delivered to the address indicated by him in the order form in the “Delivery address” section. The client undertakes to indicate the exact address of his domicile. Incidents in delivery: Miel Antonio Simón SL disclaims all responsibility in case of delay in delivery due to the carrier, as well as in case of loss of products.

In case of delay in delivery, the customer must inform the customer service department of Miel Antonio Simón SL as soon as possible by e-mail addressed to After that, Miel Antonio Simón SL will contact the carrier to start an investigation. An investigation may take several days. Once the order has been received, the customer must verify that the products received are in accordance with the order.

Any defect in the delivery (missing products, damaged products or packaging) must be noted by the customer on the delivery note and notified to the customer service department of Miel Antonio Simón SL within 24 hours of receiving the package, specifying the affected products and attaching photographs of the package, the packaging and the damaged products, as well as any other documentation deemed pertinent to process the claim with the transport company. Any defect notified after the period established below (24 hours from delivery) will not be accepted and Miel Antonio Simón SL will be exempt from any liability in relation to it.

In no case can you choose the time slot for the arrival of the order at the time of placing it.


The buyer has a period of fifteen (15) working days to return, at their own expense, the product or products that they have ordered, if they are not satisfied, except for special cases (fresh food products) that have a special regime, by its nature (maximum period of 48 hours from receipt). This period runs from the day of delivery of the order. The product or products must be returned in their original presentation and packaging, together with the delivery note, to the following address: Miel Antonio Simón SL, C/ Cobre Nº1A, 28863 Cobeña (Madrid – Spain)

Miel Antonio Simón SL does not accept any package postage due. Miel Antonio Simón SL will not be responsible in case of loss, shipment to a wrong address or delay in the delivery of a shipment, insofar as the risks of the transport chosen by the buyer must be assumed by the same. If the aforementioned conditions are met, Miel Antonio Simón SL will reimburse the buyer within a maximum period of thirty (30) days for the corresponding amounts returned.

Non-Conforming Products

Any non-conforming product, whether to exchange or to refund, must be returned to Miel Antonio Simón SL within fifteen (15) working days, except for special cases (fresh food products) that have a special regime due to their nature (deadline maximum of 48 hours from receipt). The return must be made in its original presentation and packaging and accompanied by the delivery note to the following address. Miel Antonio Simón SL, C/ Cobre Nº1A, 28863 Cobeña (Madrid – Spain)

Shipping costs are borne by Miel Antonio Simón SL in the event that the return decision is the result of an error made by Miel Antonio Simón SL. Upon receipt of a supposedly non-conforming product or products, Miel Antonio Simón SL will carry out, as soon as possible, an examination of the product (or products). If Miel Antonio Simón SL verifies the non-conforming nature of the product (or products), it will then proceed to exchange or reimburse the defective or missing product (or products), and this within a period of thirty (30 ) days.

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